RVA Show with Eyes to The Sun

RVA Show with Eyes to The Sun

We will be performing with Eyes to the Sun, and I am the Liquor at ‘Another Round Bar and Grill” on Saturday, March 23rd. Tickets are $5 in advance or $7 at the door. The show will start at 7 PM. Humungus is scheduled to start around 9 PM. Address: 7515...
The Final show at Strange Matter – SOLD OUT

The Final show at Strange Matter – SOLD OUT

Our final show at Strange Matter before they closed for good was a sold-out success. All of the bands sounded great and we’re really happy to be part of the event. James Cho filmed our entire set, including the Holy Wars cover by Megadeth. Humungus Setlist: Iron...

Final Strange Matter Show December 1st 2018

STRANGE MATTER CLOSING SERIES: INTER ARMA (RVA) https://interarma.bandcamp.com/ BLACK TUSK (Savannah, Season of Mist/Relapse) Homepage EARTHLING (Harrisonburg) https://earthlingva.bandcamp.com/ HUMUNGUS (RVA) https://humungus.bandcamp.com/ HOBOKNIFE (RVA)...

Written by Michael Toscher am October 08, 2018,

Release: Already released

Style: Thrash Metal


Sparkling old-school Thrash Metal in the style of EXODUS, VIOLENCE, ANTHRAX, WHIPLASH, ANTHRAX or TESTAMENT present HUMUNGUS of Richmond (Virginia), led by Shouter ‘Captain Jack’ Bauer at the 2018 re-launched rerealease of their 2015 debut ‘Warband ‘. Nine rabid 80s-like skull splitting cervical dislocators with phased rich backing vocals, sawing guitars, snappy shouting and rich drum sounds that are as hectic as in an anthill that is free of modern influences somewhere in intersection of the above mentioned band fundus, expect it Clientele. Constantly energized full-time Mosher know at latest at planing excesses of the type “War Band”, “Steel Thunder”,

Conclusion: Not a bad start in 2015, but this is already about three and a half years back. With that it is to wait and see if and when something of this talented US-Thrashfuhrer will come along. Safe insider tip for the Moshfan section, which swears by ANTHRAX, EXODUS, VIOLENCE, WHIPLASH and TESTAMENT. 10.7

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Review By Bert VD Abeele: Humungus is a relatively young American thrash band who will be releasing their first full-length album called “Warband”. With this one I was pleasantly surprised. It explodes right out of the gate with the title track and it doesn´t let up from there.

Great music, fast riffing and thundering drums and bass playing. This sort of brings old Anthrax and earlier Metallica to mind. The true thrash fan will not be disappointed by this record! The only thing I can say is that to my opinion the tracks could have benefitted from a bit more raw vocals, but that´s all.

Great sound and production make this one a rare little gem in these days of -it´s-all-been-done-before. I would certainly advise you to check this one out. Check ‘em out at: http://www.humungusrva.com/

My rating: 92/100 (Surpasses the style of music, must be heard/ordered by every Metal fan)

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This album came out in 2015 on its own. Killer Metal Records probably meant to license it and make it accessible to a broader audience. That’s good, because the work that seems unimpressive due to the simple cover is indeed killer stuff. Speed metal with thrash tendencies is the motto, in the direction of ABATTOIR, RAZOR FIST or EVIL INVADERS.

I mean, with heavy and aggressive vocals beleaguered (US) metal awaits you. “War Band” is the first longplayer of the four guys from Richmond, Virginia after two EP’s (2011 & 2012). The production is quite rough, but quite good, because it sounds powerful and real, just like Metal sounds in the rehearsal room or on a gig. No technical farts or computer-technical tricks. That sounds authentic and honest like the 9 songs, none of which is really for the ton. Cervical vertebrate songs of absolute masters with plenty of heart. It is always melodic and yet with a decent aggro level. 9 Songs, just Killers – no Fillers!

The band is still active and announces a new album for 2019! Hallelujah! (Ralf)


Ralf8.08 /10
Number of songs: 9
Playing time: 42:37 min
Label: Killer Metal Records
Release date: 10.08.2018

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Strange Matter Show with Cloven Hoof 9/21/18

Strange Matter Show with Cloven Hoof 9/21/18

We’ve got one hell of a blast from the heavy metal past with this bill we have lined up for you all in September! Legendary Wolverhampton NWOBHM act CLOVEN HOOF will embark on an extensive North American tour starting in September including a stop at the highly...

3/21/17: Humungus, Sacred Leather, High Canyon

HUMUNGUS (RVA) https://humungus.bandcamp.com/ SACRED LEATHER (Members of Skeletonwitch/Coffinworm) https://sacredleather.bandcamp.com/ HIGH CANYON (RVA) http://highcanyonrva.bandcamp.com/ + 1 TBA 8PM Doors // 9PM Sounds $7 – 18+ Advance...

Humungus, US bastards & Creepazoids at Banditos 3-19-17

Humungus, US bastards & Creepazoids Sunday, Feb. 19th at 9pm Free Show Ages 21+ Event Info: https://www.facebook.com/events/201925783615155/?active_tab=discussion Where? Bandito’s Burrito Lounge 2905 Patterson Ave, Richmond, Virginia 23221