Founded in 2010 in Richmond, Virginia, HUMUNGUS are traveling between traditional Heavy Metal and Thrash. The influences are thus also aptly stated with EXODUS, VIO-LENCE, ANTHRAX, MEGADETH, WHIPLASH and numerous other bands of this direction. An American band with American influences – what should go wrong for fans of this genre? Old School Thrash is the slogan!

In 2011 they left a first demo with two songs and their first release on the local Forcefield Records label. This was a 5-song EP titled “Drinkin ‘a beer”. The band first set out on an East Coast tour. Since then, they have completed some tours and played at several major festivals. A 7 “single followed a year later and finally the debut album” War band” was released in 2015. This album has now been re-released on KILLER METAL RECORDS.

The band has two worth seeing videos with “Drinkin ‘a beer” and “War band”.